About Us

Melbourne Smart Home has been created as a smart product store for the Teksol Electrical Group. 
We offer smart home products using both the Tuya / Smart Life App as well as the Ewelink / Sonoff App.


These products are simple to use and many of them can be DIY Installed. 
For any electrical wiring required, we recommend contacting our official smart home installers, Teksol Electrical Solutions.

Please see our Installers page for more information.



Our products are currently being shipped directly from International locations, as Tuya & Ewelink are both new to the market in Australia. 

We are currently working on our local inventory and will aim to ship directly from Australia as soon as possible.


please allow adequate time for items to be shipped from international locations. 
This can sometimes mean up to 45 days transit, so we advice for patience after purchase.